Top Secret Cash Report Review – How To Use The Internet's Document Sharing Sites To Make Money

If you know anything about internet marketing then you will recognize the name of the creator of the Top Secret Cash Report, Nick Marks. Mr. Marks has made millions of dollars as an internet marketer, author, personal coach, and associate marketer. He also is known as a master Forex trade. He was named the "Internet Marketer of the Year" back in 2009.

Basically the Top Secret Cash Report is a package of Mr. Marks expertise about internet marketing in the area of ​​using content and document sharing websites. The course comes in a 4-video tutorial format.

Let's look at the 4 videos …

1. Introduction To Top Secret Cash Report – A 9-minute video that previews what you will be getting from the course to make your money.

2. Article Writing – A 16-minute video that teaches you how to write and publish quality articles that today's readers will want to read.

3. A 24-minute video that teaches you how to become a member with the high-traffic document sharing websites.

4. Submitting Your Write-Up and Make The Cash – This is the step-by-step instructions for submitting your articles to the actual websites that you became a member of in video 3. It also shows you how to rank high with the search engines by optimizing your article.

Like many of the how-to products on the internet, this one has a low entry price of $ 37.00 and if someone clicks away from the page a pop-up will offer a downsell of the product for $ 27.00. And, so that you are not surprised, there are of course upsells along the way. That is the method of the top marketers. Hook people with a low entry price and then get them to spend higher dollar amounts later.

After researching the product it appears that it is a very good product for the internet marketing 'Newbie' but most experienced marketers should already know this material or know where to go to learn it for free. Basically, publishing content or articles on document sharing websites could have considered another form of content creation or article marketing for article directories. The only difference is where the content is placed.

The Top Secret Cash Report contains solid information but one must realize that it is not a "get rich quick" type of product. Writing content (articles) and submitting them requires long hours or keyword research, content research, and then the actual writing of the content. I can tell you it takes time to see the rewards but it does pay off if you stick with it.

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