Easy Blogging Cash – How to Use "Bum Marketing" to Make Money From Blogging!

Blogging and Bum Marketing go hand in hand. Both are about writing good content on a regular basis. While Bum Marketing is about owning a particular niche, blogging is about being an authority in that same niche.

Here are 4 ways to use Bum Marketing to make money blogging:

1. Write as many articles as possible to make money blogging

The key to successful Bum Marketing is being a prolific writer. It’s not enough to write 3 or 4 articles. You need to be thinking about 20 or 30 articles. The goal here is to own the niche you’re in. Wherever people look for a particular keyword in your niche, they should see one of your articles.

2. Submit the articles to more than just article directories.

You need to do more than just submit your 20 articles to EzineArticles.com and its competitors. Take these articles and use them for free blogs like Blogger (where the URL contains your keyword), Squidoo, Hubpages, etc.

3. Don’t overlook forums

Once you are a respected member on a niche related forum, you can use one of your articles as a tutorial or guide for its members. Make sure the content is solid and useful or you’ll quickly be banned.

4. Remember the press release

Fashion one of your articles as a press release to try and generate buzz for your blog. Mainstream news may pick you up.

To make money blogging, you can use many techniques to get traffic. Bum marketing is a free, albeit a time consuming way to achieve this.

Source by Fabian Tan


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