Blogging Explained in Simple Terms

By now, if you haven’t heard of Blogging, you must be in a coma,

seldom watch or listen to the news, or never use the internet. Bloggers

are the newest and most popular ‘authentic’ voice on the internet.

Blogging Defined

First, let’s begin with an accurate definition of Blogging. Blog is short for Web Log. To blog is to upload text onto the same place on the internet

daily, weekly, monthly, or at least with some predictable frequency. The

best bloggers are trained professional writers, people who write

because it’s their passion, and politically inclined individuals who need

a bully pulpit for their ideas. Some bloggers are traveling long distance

over an extended period of time, and they want to communicate with

family and friends. The traveling bloggers do not have enough time to e-

mail everyone – so they blog. Family and friends can check their blog

for updates on their whereabouts, their adventures, mishaps, and

golden opportunities while they’re on the road.

Is Blog a Noun, Verb, or Adjective?

I have seen Blog used as a noun, verb and adjective. This means

blogging is a thing, an active principle, and a way to describe

something. If you want to blog (verb) and do it well, the best advice is to

blog on a subject you know quite a good deal about. Chances are, most

people who blog with a good solid background in their subject area, do

not readily run out of good material. Also, people who read blogs (noun)

constructed in this way will walk away enriched, educated on a

particular subject, and are more likely to return.

Blogging as Gossip or for Profits

As a professional writer and a creative writer, I am enjoying the

popularity of the blogger (noun). Why? Because bloggers are bringing

back respect for the individual voice in writing. Their popularity is

sometimes based upon the depth of their knowledge on a particular

subject. Or, as in the case of bloggers who helped reveal the true

identity of White House Press Corps gay hustler Jeff Gannon, bloggers

can turn a little vicious gossip into an international news story, which I

personally find amusing and enlightening. Since bloggers uncovered

this scandalous man’s double life, blogging has gained a great deal of

attention. In fact, marketing and public relations firms are now using

blogging as a tool in their whole package of increasing a client’s media


Public Relations and Marketing Blogging

If the Public Relations and Marketing firms gain a stronghold on

blogging activities, perhaps the ‘authentic’ individual voice that began

the blogging craze will be lost in the rubble. This is the worry of many

devoted bloggers. Or, maybe this trend could strengthen the position of

political or gossip oriented bloggers. Perhaps the ‘devoted bloggers’

who were working in the restaurant and retail industry, will now find

they’re being offered the opportunity to blog for money instead of slave

away over a hot grill, or at a cash register.

This is where the whole blogging debate takes over.

Ethical versus Unethical Blogging

Who actually has the ‘right’ to blog? What does an authentic blogger

look and feel and sound like? How do you identify a slick, Public

Relations blogger? Should blogging remain in the realm of the

individual voice? Or will it be usurped by multinational corporations and

governments for their own devious purposes? These are all valid

questions, and I’m afraid I do not possess an answer to any of these

ethical questions about blogging. I feel that the individual person,

company, or entity must answer these questions on their own. But there

is one thing I am absolutely certain about. Everyone has a right to blog,

just as every one has a right to write and publish their work in the public

sphere, which includes the internet.

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