Could Kajabi Replace WordPress?

Kajabi has just hit recently hit the market, but it’s already been stirring up quite the commotion before it was even launched. Kajabi is a revolutionary new content delivery platform that boasts about being created FOR marketers, BY marketers. It’s supposed to replace everything internet marketing related, from setting up blogs to creatings sales pages and landing pages quickly and efficiently. So with all this hype surrounding this release, will Kajabi be able to replace WordPress?

Kajabi is an online marketing platform that specializes in delivering training courses, selling products, and developing membership websites. While WordPress is mostly a blog based content management system, there are several solutions out there that allow you to use the powerful WordPress CMS to perform all of those tasks. Just like the easy push button interface of WordPress, Kajabi incorporates a similar WYSIWYG layout to quickly and efficiently churn out blog style pages and killer landing pages.

What Kajabi stands out above WordPress with is it’s ability to create high converting sales funnels. It allows you to capture email data to build a list, perform stellar branding, run advertisements, display mobile ready videos, and much much more. One drawback with Kajabi is you do not have th layout customization and hundreds upon thousands of themes that are available when it comes to WordPress, however what a lot of internet marketers have been doing recently is building customized informational sites using WordPress, and then pushing their visitors over to a Kajabi based squeeze landing page when it comes time for them to try and sell whatever it is they are pitching.

While Kajabi may not be a total replacement to WordPress, there is no doubting the power behind the package. You have the ability to build killer sales funnels that are proven to convert and it’s easy as hell to use. After you sign up, there is an entire support community as well as a wide range of tutorials and video guides that will help you through almost all aspects of getting used to designing sites and landing pages with Kajabi. Since it is a hosted solution, there are no servers to upgrade, no software to install, and no hassle on your part. While it’s not a free solution, the pricing structure is fairly priced, and you can sign up for a free 30 day trial with a 100% money back guarantee. Find out more information and how to get Kajabi at Kajabi4You.

Source by Roberto Paulson


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