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One of the biggest appeals of internet use today is the expressionism that is so readily available these days. Blogging is one such form, yet another form (and one that can easily be combined with the blogging experience) is the experience of adding free music to your website. There are many choices as far as this goes, whether you have a MySpace account, a WordPress blog or a website of your own. Listed below are a few options, which are easily searchable by your standard search engine (such as Google or Yahoo):

o MyFlashFetish has a pretty simple concept: you enter the name of your favorite artist(s), and it will lead you to a list of songs as found through its search engine. From there, you can choose to add what you like to your playlist. This can be used with virtually any blogging program (MySpace, Gaia, Bebo, Blogger and Friendster, to name a few) and has quite a few different skin options. Note to Firefox users: you will have to view this page in Internet Explorer in order for the “Add to Playlist” option to work.

o PodBean is another option for adding free music to your website. With this site (which can also be used for podcasts), you simply choose the player skin that you want, and then begin adding mp3s. It gives you the option to either give a URL where the mp3 can be found or, if you have an account (which you will need to use this), you can choose mp3s that you store there. With the free account, you receive up to 100 MB of storage space (as opposed to paying $1.99/mo. for 1 GB).

o AudioPlayer provides an embedded mp3 player for your WordPress. The program is free to use, while donations are welcomed, and the player colors can be customized. There is also a link on the page to a tutorial, which will show you how to add it to a non-WordPress page.

o BlogcastOne is a bit more limited, but could still be a viable option. With this site, you simply enter the URL location of the mp3 that you want to play on your website, and select a color theme. With programs like FileDen, you can upload your own mp3s and use the URL that it is saved to. Best option if you only want to play a song at a time.

o Mirpod is yet another option. It’s an embedded mp3 player with customizable skins. You can also add text to the player for a more personalized look.

o HalfBaked is yet another embedded mp3 player. It has code for tech savvy users, and a tutorial for people who are less familiar with code.

If none of these seem like a favorable option for you, you can always add free music to your website by learning to make your own mp3 player. This can easily be searched for by including the term “how to” in front of it.

No matter what, make sure the website you are using is well reputed, and isn’t laced with spyware instead. Above all else, be sure to enjoy expressing yourself with the addition of free music on your website!

Source by Peter Flipse


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