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Blogging is a familiar word for every netizen. An interactive gateway that was initially a tool for expressing ideas, views and daily updates, today is an essential tool in internet marketing. Blogging has caught the fascination of every internet surfer, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is acting as an agent that is attracting people to internet. Internet marketing service providers are successfully using blogging as a tool for online promotion of brands. There are two primary online marketing mediums one is running pay per click campaigns and another is doing search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. Blogging is especially very helpful in SEO.

Blog is the gateway through which instant interaction is possible and the practice of updating a blog is called blogging. The website which is trying to go up the ladder in organic search can create a blog link, in which regular updates on the brand and the industry can be posted. Visitors to the site can leave comments on the update and this enhances traffic to the website.

Content plays an important role in search engine optimization. When we are talking about search engine optimization it has been observed that sometime blogging is confused with article submission. Though both involve content generation, but article submission does not allow instant interaction whereas blog creates a thread. Articles meant for article submission needs to be braced with keywords whereas that is not the hard and fast rule with blogs, but it is always advisable to stuff the blog with right keywords. Here’s list of important dos and don’ts for competent blogging:

• The updates in the blog should always be new and fresh.

• Only credible information should be posted on the blog.

• When blogging is done with the purpose of search engine optimization, the online marketing agency should keep a regular check of the blog.

• The internet marketing agency entrusted with the task of doing SEO should visit other blogs and leave comments in order to generate traffic back to their own blog.

• A competent online marketing agency will keep a track of the number of visitors visiting the blog because even that is also a good indicator of the growing popularity of the blog.

• The articles should always be crisp and precise; there should be no beating around the bush. This would retain the interest of the visitors to your blog.

• It always helps if there is a bit of graphics in the blog

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