How to Make Money With Product Blogging

In 2009, I started writing tutorials on how to use the premium WordPress theme framework, Headway Themes. At first I was just talking about how great the theme was as I learned more about it. Soon, though, I realized that my little “tips” blog was actually a powerfully targeted niche blog.

It all started one week after building the blog, when the developers of Headway found the blog and got in touch with me. For the next six months, people emailed me daily asking how they could spend their money with me. The blog got a couple hundred unique visits per day, and those visits converted into affiliate sales.

I’d stumbled upon a new method for building a profitable blog in almost no time at all… product blogging. Let me explain what that is.

How to Make Money Product Blogging

“Product Blogging” is the practice of building a blog to support one specific product. There are a few advantages to this method. Check it out!

Instant Targeted Audience

Any users of the product you support are automatically part of your target audience. People Google search for information on the products they use all the time, and thanks to the powerful SEO of tutorial blogs, they’ll stumble upon you as a solution naturally. Usually, you’re simply optimizing and promoting in a smart way as opposed to the usual desperation that comes with growing a regular niche blog.

Affiliate Promotion Opportunities

In addition to your target product’s affiliate program, you can promote products relevant to your product’s audience. For instance, promoting a WordPress theme gives you the “foot-in-the-door” to promote WordPress plugins or learning courses like These add-ons usually help sell themselves as augmenting the experience with the original product.

Never Ending Content Ideas

Most bloggers suffer from writer’s block, but there are always problems that need solving by customers when dealing with a product blog. Just jump into the company’s official support forums or your own comments section and see what needs solving. Additionally, you usually come across a cool trick or two when using the product in your own personal projects.

Easily Develop Products and Services

What does your audience want to buy? That’s the key question when developing products, and when it comes to product blogging, the answer is almost always waiting just around the corner. Users of computer software want training and add-ons, developers want new frameworks, chefs need more tools, etc.

Just think about what you as a user would want and build it. Or go to your audience and see what they’re asking for as far as “feature requests.”

The Disadvantage of Product Blogging – Super Growth

The main disadvantage of product blogging is growth, but it’s not what you think. The blog can actually outgrow you sometimes, forcing you to learn new things quickly to keep up. Don’t panic if you see your traffic spike, though. Remember that you’re in control of the content and you choose how much of your energy you spend helping the product’s community.

Product blogging is a great way to bring in some money, so go pick a product and get started!

Source by Corey R Freeman


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