Blogging For Marketing

Constructed the right way, a blog can be used for direct marketing for any web-based business.

How it Differs

In marketing, you generally send something out – letter, email etc – and then gauge its effectiveness by how many responses you get. With blogging, you do not have to spend any money, and the only effort needed is you creating the content. It also does not cost you or the viewers anything to read your blog.

Search Engines

A key to generating traffic to your website is getting the search engines to list you. With blogging, it does not matter how old a post is – it could be your very first one years ago – Yahoo, Google and other search engines will find you post, and bring people to your website.


When blogging, you also need to read other blogs and post comments there; this will lead to the people who write those blogs posting to you. Also, if you post colorful and detailed comments on the other blogs, some of the readers of that blog will read yours, and this can lead to still more traffic on your site.

Variety of Uses

Unlike a simple marketing letter, a blog can be varied to fit various situations in your business. If you're doing a special promotional effort tied to a holiday, you can announce it there. If you open a new office or have articles about you appearing in the local newspapers, you can post a notice about them. You can also include links to any special websites tied to such events.

Source by Mark A. Abrahams


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